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What is an
Artist Key?

An Artist Key organizes of all of your content, social media, streaming accounts and overall audience. It is accessible from any device and is instrumental in continuing to build and retain your audience.
An Artist Key brings your Art to the forefront allowing you to present your work in the best light. It is a place where your fans and supporters can fully engage with you. An Artist Key gives you a real reason to own your domain.

We let you focus on what you are good at

You are an Artist, not a web designer or developer. We handle all technical aspects of the setup and launch.You are then free to manage and control your destination as you like.

We activate your content and art

Your Artist Key is fully interactive and naturally brings your art and content to the forefront.

Easy of use

“Just add water” - is a great way to describe the management of your Destination.All you need are your links and your content. No editors, no WSYWIG, no templates, no formatting.

We maximize your overall digital presence

Your Destination is designed to organize your content as well as your external digital digital presence in one place. We allow you to engage with your fans in a deeper more meaningful way through interactivity and quality presentation.

We handle all of the setup and deployment of your Artist Key

Once your Artist Key is setup you are given a custom dashboard where you can upload all of your content.
  • 01 Try the Demo
  • 02 Reserve your Destination and Pay
  • 03 We contact you and begin Key configuration
  • 04 Receive your custom Dashboard login
  • 05 Review and Testing
  • 06 Finalize Content Population
  • 07 Launch Key

We are mobile

100% Mobile Creation and Management

Create and Manage your Artist Key Entirely on your Phone

Althought you can Create your Key on your desktop or Laptop there is no need to.

Monetize with no middle man

  • Donations — Live now

    Accept Donations in USD as well as Crypto Currency Directly to your bank account
  • Store — Launching soon

    Sell Direct to your fans and supporters from your Artist Key with a full featured digital and physical store
  • Subscriptions — Launching soon

    Create Subscription Packages for your fans and supporters
Crypto is the future now

Accept a wide range CryptoCurrency from all the World

We will help you setup your Crypto Wallet to accept the Currency directly to your account

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